Even though you may be an avid gardener, the chores that you sometimes need to take care of may leave you a tad frustrated. You find yourself putting in a lot in terms of time and effort with the constant weeding and watering schedules. To get around these issues, you have the option of creating a low maintenance landscaped garden. Here’s how you can reduce the garden chores and yet maintain a super looking garden with minimal effort.

1 Landscape your garden in such a way that it is low maintenance and leaves you with more time to enjoy it rather than work in it. Cover your yard space with patios or decks interspersed with pathways to provide access to all areas. Add a few low-maintenance shrubs that require minimal pruning and a few leafy trees to complete a well-kept look.

2 A lawn requires constant maintenance and care to keep it looking good. One option is to have a small lawn space surrounded by pathways or walkways covered with pavers or gravel so that the job of mowing, weeding and watering is reduced. You might also landscape your garden by creating flower beds in spaces where grass is not required.

3 Planting a couple of shady trees and building stone seating around the base will not only add to the beauty of the landscape but will give you a reason to spend more time outdoors.

4 Choose the right kinds of plants that will thrive in your garden space even with low maintenance. It is always better to have native plants and shrubs as they pick up quickly and require little care.

5 Keep the flower beds narrow so that you have easy access around the plants to take care of weeding and fertilising.

6 Mulching is a very important aspect of gardening. A layer of organic mulch at the base of the plants will keep the ground cool and moist reducing the need for frequent watering. Also, organic mulch prevents weed growth. Shredded leaves, powdered tree bark, nut shells, pine needles are some types of organic mulch you can use.

7 Wine crates, old wooden barrels and containers make for great planters. They can be painted and placed strategically to create a great looking landscaped yard. Its much easier to maintain plants in containers and they can be moved around to change your garden landscape as often as you like.

8 Use ornamental grasses to landscape your garden. Grasses don’t require much water and hence do well in dry or sunny areas.  They also give a contemporary look to your yard.

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