Sep 062011
Tell Me You Love Me

I just realized, just this moment, that there is a phrase I utter in my fantasies, in my mind, all the time, that I can hear echoing in my head as the prelude to almost any self-arousal, and as an essential part of any masturbation, but I have never uttered it during phone sex: tell me you love me Late at night, when I start getting sleepy and snuggly, and I take a deep breath and listen to my body, those words echo through my mind before I know where they will lead, but they set the stage. tell me you love me I worry about being manipulative, even though I know sometimes I am, by the nature of the business. But I have lines [read more...]

Aug 182011
Chastity, Tease, and Ballbusting mp3

Imagine you’re sitting in a rattan chair with a hole cut in the seat, you are naked, and your balls are exposed through the rattan. Now imagine I am there with you, and I want to have a bit of a chat about a few of my favorite topics. And by “chat” I mean: I talk, calmly, rationally, and steadily, while you listen. And by “a bit” I mean: For a little over 23 minutes. And by “a few of my favorite topics” I mean: Male orgasm control, tease and denial, ruined orgasms, ball busting, and the unfortunate consequences of you having a small penis. This audio file was custom ordered to help a caller reinforce his ongoing chastity for me. It was March 27th [read more...]

Aug 172011
The Cat Came Back

September 12, 2010 – almost a year ago – was the last I heard of Inception guy from my Heartbreak II post. Eleven months later, on August 12, 2011, he called me again. So much has changed with my internal landscape. When he found me last year, I was just starting out. I was learning my limits. I was expanding my horizons. I was exploring undiscovered countries in myself, boldly going with callers where no man had gone before, time and time and time again. And now, while I don’t feel jaded, with hundreds more hours of phone time under my belt, I do feel prepared, educated, and perhaps a bit better equipped to care for myself. During the year, I had found him on [read more...]

Jan 152011

After writing this Openly Manipulative blog post about how I use follow-up notes to entice callers, I finally managed to get through them yesterday. Last night, I got a late-night call from a role-play enthusiast who normally sets up “Oh gosh, we shouldn’t but… maybe… just this once…” kinds of fantasies with me. A little raunchy, a little rough, and always fun. No set-up last night. He had been to a stag party, and had been drinking heavily. When he came home, he saw I’d sent him a follow-up email and went to check it. In his words: “I had whiskey dick in the worst way until I saw your gorgeous self, your head leaning back off the bed, with that dildo about to slide [read more...]

Oct 182010

Well, tonight I seem to have lost my damn mind. I had a series of calls… And you know what? Good for me – any problem that starts with “I had a series of calls” is a good problem to have. But… I had a series of calls where the caller either wanted to be teased, wanted to tease me, or wanted to talk about sexy things. But did not want to have sex. Or wanted to, but didn’t make it there before they came. Like 5 of them in a row. When I was on the phone with the last one, I got an email from a switch saying he’d stick around a while to see if I got un-busy, but did I want [read more...]

Oct 172010

Not to be too terribly immodest, but … I do some parts of my job pretty well. I take decent notes. I’m honest about everything that doesn’t invade my privacy. And I think I have a readable, entertaining blog that answers a few common questions, and gives people a way to keep connected even if they can’t call me. However, I am not good at reading minds. I mean, I’m pretty good with taking hints and pushing past those into the next logical step. But if you tell me you just want to hear me get off, I will not intuitively guess that you like to wear women’s silky panties and be fucked with my strap-on. If you tell me you want to masturbate with [read more...]

Oct 042010
Apparently In Trouble

Apparently I’m in trouble. Allow me to attempt to un-en-trouble myself, which, I suspect, will only cause further trouble, but at least it’s worth a try. Dear everyone I did not mention by name in my blog post from yesterday titled “What I Want: Lust for Me“, The four callers I mentioned are examples of the types of callers I want to attract, not a complete list. The list does not represent my top four favorite callers of all time. Not that they’re not favorites, but… ummm… Look, they simply came to mind because I happened to talk with them this past week, and they neatly fit together into a package of commonalities. But if you and I had a long conversation last week, it’s not [read more...]

Sep 282010

All day Monday, my first “full” day back after so much time away, I talked with a few old faithfuls for 10-15 minutes apiece  (thanks, guys!), but I also had an unusual number of new callers with either the wrong number (a frustratingly common system glitch lately… they’re working on it), or 3-4 minute conversations which had nothing whatsoever to do with me – the paint by numbers of phone sex, where my job is clearly to follow a script. I knew it might take a few days to pick up steam again. In theory, I was ready for that. In reality, I was a little bored. So on a whim and a prayer, I tweeted, “Smart fun creative sex-loving #phonesex op in search of like-minded [read more...]

Sep 242010

The fastest way to offend me is to accuse me of being manipulative. Because, deep down, secretly, I’m kind of afraid I am. My dad was a social magician: I realized at his funeral that there were probably 50 people there who were convinced that if he were on truth serum and asked, “Who is your favorite person in the world?”, he would utter their name. They were all wrong, of course, because clearly it would have been me. Duh. Thankfully for all of us, Dad never used his powers to raise an evil army, but he probably got more favors and second chances than most people. I know inherited/learned some of his superpowers. The coach in charge of the high school student parking lot [read more...]