Dec 182011
All I Want for Christmas

All I want for Christmas are my friend’s never-been-worn Fluevog “The Business” boots: The caption says, “Let’s face it, it’s business time – and these new Body Parts take care of business like nothing else. With these luxurious beauties wrapping you in soft patent faux-reptile leathers lined in gold and laying you on a surprisingly comfortable 4″ golden heel, attracting new business will be the least of your concerns.” The videos I could make in these boots. The cam work. Not to mention, the complete and total FUN of going to play parties in them! My friend knows what I do for a living, and she has realized she’ll never wear the boots, but she can’t afford to give them to me for free. These [read more...]

Jul 052011
New Cam Red Bra

In May, I got a lovely gift from a caller of a new camera, and we spent the evening taking low light test pictures in my Fuckatorium. I would send them to him, along with a description of which cam setting I used, and we decided on the optimum settings after it was all said and done. I was wearing a red bra for all the pictures, and a red thong for about half of them (the other half I’m naked from the bra down). Most of them are from the back, because that is clearly his favorite view of me. /blush The flash got overzealous in some: In others, there wasn’t enough light at all: This one was our second-favorite setting: But the winner [read more...]

Jan 302011
Who Is This Material Girl?

In college, I had a job building sets, doing props, and being stage manager for a local high school, so my car frequently looked like I had just robbed a hardware store. Although I wasn’t in a sorority, I knew a lot of frat guys, and I got asked to formals on a regular basis because I loved to dance and I didn’t get embarrassingly drunk. One day, these seemingly dissociated facts collided: I had picked up my go-to little black dress from the dry cleaners, the one I’d gotten on sale for under $50 and worn four times already, and had loaded in some lumber to build platforms, and on my way down the highway, I thought, “This is exactly me.” It was the [read more...]

Dec 152010
Yesterday's Pictures

1. I got a present from a caller in the mail, and told him I’d take pictures when it arrived. 2. That coincided with “maybe I’ll stop shaving for a while and take pics when I next shave again”. 3. These coincided with “one of my best callers had an awesome request for a holiday picture of me”. So yesterday was picture day. First up: shaving. Since most of the pics are me naked and those aren’t allowed on this blog uncensored, here are some partials: Before shaving, there were pics like this, but full-body – I was kneeling. The during-shaving pictures were soapier than this, with one leg up, standing, but tricky to find one that I could post, even partially. Then I took [read more...]

Nov 052010

I turned off my Amazon Wish List when i realized that not all third party vendors respect privacy as they should, as I blogged about here. I haven’t gotten a PO Box yet… ummm… because I’m lazy? I don’t have a better answer than that. But I’d totally get a PO Box for this: a t-shirt from the “It Gets Better” project (to combat bullying and show support for LGBTQ youth). The shirts are given for a $30 donation, which goes to support “It Gets Better”, but also the Trevor Project 24/7 suicide hotline, two of my favorite causes. If I don’t get a volunteer in the next week or so, I’ll do it on my own. But I thought I’d share in case [read more...]

Sep 012010
Welcome To My Birthday Season!

I turn 40 this month! I’m so excited! Chunktastic turquoise & coral I’ve never minded getting older. When I was in college, working hard both in acting class and therapy, I did a visualization exercise of “the person I want to be”. And the image that stuck with me is a 50-year-old woman, outdoors, enjoying the land and the sun and the day, at peace with herself. And she was wearing unnecessarily chunky jewelry, probably turquoise. I have always found self-possessed 50-year-old women fascinating company. So for 20 years now, I have thought that my 50th year will be the best of my life. It’s probably setting me up for a huge nervous breakdown the day I turn 51, but oh well, I’ll cross that bridge [read more...]

Aug 232010

I just made my Amazon Wish List private until I get a PO Box, because I found out that some 3rd party vendors (not Amazon) send your shipping address in their confirmation emails, even if your Amazon settings specify to keep your address private. Comments solicited on this issue, please! Assuming I get a PO Box: Is it worth it to list specific items on a Wish List and risk having a caller know your PO Box? My husband could check it once a week on his way elsewhere, but would I worry about it? Or should I only list specific items on my Wish List if I’ve checked with the vendor first to ensure they respect Amazon’s privacy settings? Or only have one item on [read more...]

Aug 212010
Wishes Coming True

My $15 sale dress A phone partner sent me an Amazon gift card off my Wish List. I went practical (medicines for the dogs), but also decided to treat myself by searching dresses under $20. I found a magnificent treasure via Chadwick’s. When I started researching this job, I was astonished to find that callers sometimes liked to send gifts to the people they’re talked with. I mean… I’m getting paid already. That seems perfectly fair to me! But I was a waitress in college – I understand the concept of tipping for exceptional service, and I’m certainly not going to turn down the chance to pick up something fun! Thanks, babe! Now, I’m not a big shopper, not a high-maintenance spa addict… heck most [read more...]